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ISO 22000: 2005 Certified
Meenakshi Agro and Flour Mill Pvt Ltd
Certified for Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 : 2005
Manufacturer and Supplier of Refined Wheat Flour Atta, Maida, Sooji & Bran
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Quality & Reserach

Wheat comes with different parameters sourcing from different states and different soils. With stringent process parameters we maintain the wheat blending according to the quality of finished products required by the customer. We change the blending procedures time to time as per natural seasons and required parameters by customers. We have an in-house Lab headed by an experienced Chemist who carries this test and suggest the Miller further actions.

We are well known in the industry because of the high quality of our products. Quality is a way of life. We believe that quality is an ongoing process; we have developed extreme quality parameters to assure high standard products to our customers. This serves as our primary corporate philosophy, which drives us to provide high quality products. We also tie up with various external organizations for trials. To achieve these standards, all materials, whether inbound or outbound, are subjected to thorough monitoring and inspection by our experienced and dedicated lab technicians.

Due to the critical importance of the safety and quality of food provided to our citizens the organization established a quality control lab with experienced and dedicated lab technicians. Our lab technicians test each product on a daily basis to get the parameters of Gluten, Sedimentation Value, Acid Insoluble Ash, Protein, Moisture, Water Absorption, Ash Content and Alcoholic Acidity. We do provide test reports for perusal upon request. We guarantee the quality of our products within shelf Life.

Our Lab operates for the following process

  • Inspection of wheat types delivered to Flour Mills Organization by taking representative samples and examine them visually to ensure they are free from insects, fertilizers, mold and any other abnormal changes that can be detected visually.
  • Thereafter, analysis is done including specific gravity, impurities percentage, moisture content and protein ratio to ensure compliance of wheat to the approved specification. In addition tests are made to ensure the validity of wheat and other derivatives.
  • Inspection of wheat periodically during storage to verify its quality and before introduction to the processing such as enforcement of flour with vitamins and iron as well as various types of packing sacks.
  • Periodic inspection of end products such as flour by taking samples for various analysis such as specific gravity, impurities percentage, moisture content, protein ratio, gluten, finesse grade and finograph test and determination of enforcement of flour with vitamins and iron as well as baking tests. Also periodic testing is done during storage and before processing.  Our Organization has employed highly experienced staff to work at those labs in order to obtain the best and most accurate results and to continue products improvement and development. We also have continuous endeavor towards quality & new research.